Fighting for Sex Worker Visibility and Rights in Baltimore, MD and Beyond!

We typically meet twice a month in central Baltimore. Typically we meet in the Greenmount West or Charles North neighborhoods, but are available able as individuals and as an organization to move to areas that have sex workers that are not typically given a platform or space. We believe that all sex workers deserve to give public voice to their experiences. Follow our Facebook or Twitter to know about the next meeting or e-mail us.


SWOP Baltimore is a chapter of SWOP USA, as such we adhere to the values outlined here

In order to become a member of SWOP Baltimore, you must attend at least 2 meetings, which typically happen 1-2 times per month. After your third meeting you are eligible to be voted in by the existing voting membership. Our voting membership at all times will be made up of a minimum of 2/3rds current or former sex workers. In order to remain a voting member you must attend 50% of meetings in the preceding three-month period. We vote based on a super majority of 2/3rds. We will record dissenting votes in order to recognize differing opinions and create a record of contentious conversations.

We also maintain a volunteer membership. Volunteers do not need to be former or current sex workers, meeting attendance is not required, although specific trainings may be. Volunteers are welcome to offer feedback and suggestions but are not permitted to vote on chapter matters.

History of SWOP-Baltimore


  • The chapter expands support for Gigi Thomas, around her court case, and legal fundraiser.
  • SWOP Baltimore begins doing street outreach in Baltimore, providing folks with safer sex supplies, sanitary products, and other comfort items.
  • Chapter grows to 8 active members.


  • SWOP Baltimore hosts their second International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, with a significant increase in attendees from the previous year!
  • Four members of the chapter travel to New Orleans to attend the Desiree Alliance Conference, and learn from and network with sex workers from all over the country.
  • Charlotte Shane presents her book “Prostitute Laundry” at Red Emma’s Bookstore and Coffeehouse. SWOP Baltimore co-hosts the event and outreaches to new members and supporters.
  • Sex Workers’ Rights Day is observed by a day long teach-in at Power Inside, highlighting the laws around sex work in Maryland and Baltimore.


  • We host our first International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Event at the Ynot Lot in Greenmount West / Station North.
  •  SWOP Baltimore co-hosts Alison Bass’ reading of “Getting Screwed: Sex Workers and the Law at Red Emma’s Bookstore and Coffeehouse.
  • Chapter is founded by three members of the Baltimore community.